For companies wanting to introduce double deck deliveries to flat-floor bays, Transdek’s V2G lifts offer a single-stop solution. Transdek’s unique V2G (Vehicle-to-Ground) lift range is designed to load all vehicle types, from rigids to double deck trailers, at sites without raised loading docks.

The V2G range offers the same high-level benefits as Transdek’s double deck lift range – with one key difference: the V2G’s specially-modified hydraulics format and extended lift stroke enable loading right to ground level.

Delivered as a pre-clad, pre-tested modular loadhouse unit, the V2G can be installed on to any existing yard or warehouse floor in just 1 day, transforming flat-floor bays for efficient, safe and temperature-controlled loading.

Specifically designed for fast loading, with a high concentration of ergonomic features, the V2G can tip a full double deck trailer in as little as 1 hour. In its lowered position, the V2G can also act as a throughway from warehouse to yard.

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Dimensions  V2G 4500 DD Lift  V2G 6500 DD Lift
Loadhouse (mm)  3600(w) x 5065(l) x 5650(h)  3920(w) x 5765(l) x 5650(h)
Platform Load Area (mm)  2500(w) x 3650(l)  2500(w) x 3460(l)
Personnel Access (w)  Integrated  550mm
SWL  4500kg UDL  6500kg UDL
Capacity (830x750mm)  8 rollcages @ 500kg  12 rollcages @ 500kg
Capacity (1000x1200mm)  4 pallets @ 1 tonne  6 pallets @ 1 tonne
Operating Range  Ground to 3000mm  Ground to 3000mm
Motor Power  9kW; DOL Starter; 16A  11kW; DOL Starter; 32A
Lift Speed  Adjustable 90mm/s to 35mm/s  Adjustable 90mm/s to 35mm/s

Transdek V2G Lifts
Transdek V2G Lifts
Transdek V2G Lifts
Transdek Double Deck Trailers
Double Deck Trailers
Transdek V2G Lifts
Transdek V2G Lifts