Transdek’s multi-award winning range of double deck lifts is designed specifically to enable the simple integration of fixed double deck trailers on primary and secondary distribution.

Supplied as surface-mounted modular loadhouse units with a plug-and-play format, Transdek is able to install its double deck lifts in just 1 to 2 days. The systems can also be easily relocated, giving operators the flexibility to adapt to changing logistics requirements downstream.

Combining engineering strength with precision ergonomics, Transdek’s lifts provide unrivalled loading speed and efficiency, and comprehensive safety features, without ever compromising on our commitment to price.

The unique ram configuration that we use on all of our double deck lifts also means they can service all double deck trailer types, including ultra-low floor Euro and Urban double deckers. And, with a streamlined design for simple maintenance, Transdek’s double deck lifts are built to provide our customers with a lifetime of reliable service.

  V2G 6.5T Double Deck Lift V2G 12.5T Double Deck Lift V2G 20T Double Deck Lift
Dimensions  6.5T DD Lift  12.5T DD Lift  20T DD Lift 
Loadhouse (mm)  3920(w) x 5065(l) x 5650(h)  3986(w) x 10002(l) x 5641(h)
 4264(w) x 11950(l) x 5650(h)
Platform Load Area (mm)  2500(w) x 3520(l)  2610(w) x 7588(l)  2900(w) x 9000(l)
Personnel Access (w)  550mm  600mm  550mm
SWL  6500kg UDL  12500kg UDL  20000kg UDL
Capacity (830x750mm)  12 rollcages @ 500kg  18 rollcages @ 500kg  30 rollcages @ 650kg
Capacity (1000x1200mm)  6 pallets @ 1 tonne  12 pallets @ 1 tonne  18 pallets @ 1 tonne
Operating Range  150mm to 3000mm  150mm to 3000mm  150mm to 3000mm
Motor Power  11kW; DOL Starter; 32A  18kW; Star/ Delta Starter; 50A  22kW; Star/ Delta Starter; 63A
Lift Speed  Adjustable 90mm/s to
 Adjustable 90mm/s to 35mm/s  Adjustable 65mm/s to 35mm/s

Transdek Double Deck Lifts
Transdek Double Deck Lifts
Transdek Double Deck Trailers
Double Deck Trailers
Transdek Double Deck Lifts
Transdek Double Deck Lifts
Transdek Double Deck Lifts